How to use the search function

Each parameter you input into the search form narrows down the amount of results. If you submit an empty form by clicking "Hae" -button, you will get a list of all dogs in the gallery. Check "suomenlapinkoira" (finnish lapphund) and "uros" (male) and you'll get a list of all finnish lapphund males.

You can use an asterisk as a wildcard in text fields. If you input a* into "kennelnimi" (breeder name), the search returns all dogs which have a breeder name beginning with "A". All search parameters can be combined freely.

You can switch between languages by pressing the little flag icon.

Kennelnimi = Breedername
Nimi = Name
Rekisterinumero = Registration number
Rotu = Breed
Sukupuoli = Sex
Uros = Male
Narttu = Female
Väri = Color (colors are listed in Finnish, so this is not very useful to non-finnish speakers)
Isä = Sire
Emä = Dam
Muokattu jälkeen = Last modification after (yyyy-mm-dd)
Etusivu = Index page
Takaisin hakuun = Back to the search form