How to submit photos

You are welcome to submit photos taken by yourself of registered Finnish Lapphunds, Lapponian Herders and Swedish Lapphunds. Photos of unregistered dogs are accepted in case they have registered progeny. According to the Finnish copyright and privacy laws, anyone may publish photos taken by themselves of other people's dogs. You can send up to three pictures of a dog (for example, a decent standing photo, head study and a photo of the dog on the move or participating in a canine sport). The webmasters retain a right to select the most favourable photos of each dog. A dog must be clearly visible in the picture and look its best, since nobody appreciates bumping into an unfavourable photo of their dog on the Internet. However, keep in mind that a not-that-perfect picture tells more than no picture at all. The preferred photo size is 500 to 1000 pixels per long side, however, it is still better to send your photos too large rather than too small. In case you feel that there is an uncomplimentary photo of your dog on display in the gallery, the best way to replace it is to submit a new photo. However, if you do not have a replacement photo and still wish to have your dog's picture removed from the gallery, the webmasters will consider any such requests at their discretion. The name (or pseudonym, if anonymity is desired) of the photographer is stated in the pictures.

Photos to be submitted to: or Lappalaiskoiragalleria's Facebook-group.

Please include the following details in your email message: breed, registered name, registration number, sex, names of parents, registration numbers of parents, name of the photographer and year when the picture was taken. If you have pictures of two or three of the breeds, please send them in separate emails. Send your photos in attachment files, and please include as many photos in a single message as possible, however, do avoid sending dozens of pictures in one go.

The webmasters retain the right to crop and edit any photos submitted.


Suomenlapinkoira (slk) = Finnish Lapphund = Finsk Lapphund
Lapinporokoira (lpk) = Lapponian Herder = Lapsk Vallhund
Ruotsinlapinkoira (rlk) = Swedish Lapphund = Svensk Lapphund
Tuntematon = Unknown parent
n = bitch = tik
u = male = hane